Wednesday, April 6, 2011

skipping from the school

speech (Why teenagers skip from the school?)
Assalamualaikum and very good morning to our laecture Mr. Sarihan, and also my fellow, I would to talk a speech about the once of the social issues, Why teenagers skip from the school?
Nowadays, we have heard a lot of bad things about teenagers. Some of them are seriously involves in negative activities such as illegal racing, drug addiction, skip school and many others. Here, we only focus to the answer why teenagers skip school. There are three reasons for the answers to this question.
First, the teenagers skip school because of school factor. This factor is the major factor why teenagers skip school. Some of them have a conflict with the teacher. The students feel unhappy to their teacher because the teacher always blaming on what they have done. If the teacher always force and scold the students, sometimes they feel bored to learn and they will not focus in the class. The have no self-confidence due to the fierce and strict teacher. Some of the students feel scared to attend the class. So, they find the easy solution by skipping school. Apart from that, some of the teenagers are bullied by other students. Bullies are done by forcing the other students to make all their jobs such as finish their home works. At the end, they take a fast way by skip school to prevent from bullied.
The second factor is family factor. In this world, money are important asset to live. Without money, there has a big obstacle to get rid. This is why some of the family are too obsess to find a lot of money or called as workaholic parents. The teenagers whose come from this type of family will face a hard lifetime. It is because the parents are not focus on them. Whenever they have a problem, they cannot sound it to their family. As a solution, they will find their friends to share the problems. Obviously, they have two types of friends. The first type is good friend and the second type is bad friend. Skip school are caused by some of teenagers who choose the bad friend. As we know, bad friend will guide them to do a negative work, for example bullied the other student as well as skip school. In the other cases, some of the teenagers skip school is caused by the poor family. The teenagers feel well when they skip school to find money for their family. They think that money is more important than the knowledge. As a result, they are involved in the skip school activity.
Another factor why teenagers skip school is caused by citizen factor. Nowadays, most of the citizen do not concern about their neighbours especially city citizen. In daily life, they usually will carry out their own business only. In the other hand, most of them are workaholic citizen which only focus on their careers instead of current social issues. In some cases, they even ignore their family and relatives. That’s why, some students do not worry or afraid to escape or skip school. When we look at the shopping mall, we can see that they are many teenagers skip school and enjoy at the cyber café and coffee shop. But, the cyber café administrators and the coffee shop owner just ignore on the skip school teenagers. They only want to earn money from the teenagers instead report it to the authorities. As a result, the teenagers will not have to worry to skip school.

The skipping teenagers from the school will make many implications. For example, our future will destroy. This is because, the teenagers are the next generation to protect our country, if they always skipping from the school, our generation will weak. Not weak in fighting but in knowledge. Furthermore, with skipping from the school will increase the other social issues like gangster, bully, vandalism, snacking and more. The teenagers who skipping from the school will go to wild places like pub, casino, and also video center. They finish their pocket-money for the unimportant things. So, when they desperate, they will find ways to get money with a short time. Then they go to rob, snack, and also bully other peoples who are weak.    
As a conclusion, we must take action to ensure this problem will not happen again. As a teacher and parents, we should giving advice to the teenagers on the effects of skipping school. The teacher should not make the students bored or unhappy. The teachers must improve their teaching skills by change the way on how they teach. Teachers who teach with the sense of humor will attract students to study and avoid them bored. Besides that, the authorities such as police should make a patrol along the streets to ensure the streets are cleared from teenagers who skip school. As a citizen, we should take action by giving advice to the teenagers or make a report to the authorities to prevent the teenagers to become worse such as involve in the criminals. When all of us can do the expected things, we will be able to reduce the percentage of skip school teenagers although we cannot make it 100% free from this problem.